Diversified Investment Area

Jiangshu Dingyang Green Tech Electric Co.,Ltd

Jiangshu Dingyang Green Tech Electric Co.,Ltd is a specialized photovoltaic power station investment, installation, operation enterprise by constantly improving products and engineering technology content and quality of service with the guide of science and technology and the guarantee of service.

The company is mainly engaged in photovoltaic power plant investment, design, construction, operation and other services. The company has invested in the construction of a number of distributed photovoltaic power plant and acquires electricity sales revenue through the operation of photovoltaic power generation within reporting period.

The company is committed to providing solutions to the field of solar photovoltaic applications, including investment and operation of distributed photovoltaic power plants and ground photovoltaic power plants, as well as EPC general contracting. At present, the company's main operating items is distributed photovoltaic power plants and is making great efforts to open up the ground power plant business at the same time. In the future, the company will be be timely to expand the photovoltaic power plant EPC contract and other business areas.

Photovoltaic Agricultural Industry

Shunyu Agricultural Stock Co.,Ltd is set up for the development of photovoltaic agriculture, specializing in agricultural science and technology greenhouse planting and photovoltaic generation to achieve double benefits of solar power generation and agricultural planting with 600 million yuan registered capital, currently having 5 wholly owned subsidiaries. The project land is barren wasteland and adheres to the principle of adjust measures to local conditions, clean green, scientific layout and efficient utilization and make full use of the abundant solar energy resources and improve comprehensive utilization rate of land to achieve efficient integration of photovoltaic power generation and agriculture and animal husbandry. The company plans to build 500MW photovoltaic agricultural science and technology greenhouse grid connected projects in Hebei, Shanxi and other places with abundant solar energy resources within 2-3 years to make it the most comprehensive and the largest modern agricultural photovoltaic enterprise.